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You proudly served when your country called!
You knew Freedom was never free!
Now shout to the world! Show your pride! Wear the Ring!

Wherever you served, wherever you fought….whether one of the greatest battles or on an obscured battlefield somewhere…you were there putting it on the line…for us…for all of America. Who can ever forget that courage and sacrifice?

The moment you place The Ruptured Duck Ring on your finger you will have instant awareness of the heft and weight because it is a 10-carat solid white or yellow gold ring that weighs in at approximately 11 pennies, and carries a satisfaction guaranty.

The Ruptured Duck Ring is uniquely molded after the victory pin of World War II. The rings from theAmerican Veterans Collection are not meant to carry on any war with personal comparison, political opinions, or controversial conversations. This beautiful piece of tangible pride worn silently simply states to all that see it “I know, I understand, and I care.” I know about war because I have been there, I understand what you are going through because I have searched for some of the same answers you have, and I truly care about you and your family.

Rings from the American Veterans Collection are worn all across the United States and are the only Rings on the market to be worn and endorsed by General William Westmoreland, Congressional Medal of Honor recipient Sammy L. Davis, and the Vietnam Veterans Ring was requested and presented to the late, great Bob Hope! (see endorsements)

For those veterans who wear a ring from this collection, I want you to wear it with American Pride, Honor, and Integrity. Let it be your torch to all that see it…a symbol of the guts and moxie of the warriors you fought beside and learned to trust with your life. Let this ring be your link to the hearts of all veterans from all wars. Wear it for every tear that fell and every unanswered prayer from war.

The cost of each male ring is $499.00 and each female ring is $469.00. There is an additional $15.00 shipping and handling fee added for each ring that is ordered. Each ring carries a limited lifetime warranty and is offered with the guarantee of your satisfaction. If you do not feel the ring conveys your pride, for any reason, just return in within ten days of receipt, in its original condition, for a full refund.

Each ring from the American Veterans Collection are individually handcrafted and takes 6 weeks for delivery.

Please list the size of your ring during the paypal checkout process. There will be an option to add your size and gold type (white or yellow)  by clicking the add button located under your address during the checkout process.