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PTSD Workshops

I conduct, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ‘PTSD’ workshops in high schools and colleges to illustrate the effects of war on the veteran.

During the workshops I share some of my experiences. I try to explain to the children and grandchildren of veterans why their loved ones react the way they do in different situations. I discuss the mental anguish of war and its effects on the veteran. Some of today’s youth are going to be the leaders of tomorrow. Many of our young people many never become leaders or warriors on a battlefield, however they must understand that ‘freedom’ is never free. They need to realize that sometimes it takes fighting and dying to keep freedom strong, and as a result, the events that took place in the fight for freedom create many emotional problems for veterans.

In my presentation I explain the different

 degrees of PTSD and the differences between them. I also define words like “shell shock” and “battle fatique” from our past wars.

During my presentation I present a twenty-two minute visual aid to highlight some statistics about our veterans and their readjustment back into society. I talk of the adrenaline rush of combat and the temporary escape by veterans from reality through drug and alcohol abuse. I try to explain the difficulties of veterans returning home to loved ones that really don’t and can’t understand what they went through. I talk about the veterans merely surviving and the unconscious mental blocks of trust and love that they have.

In addition, I create combat scenarios which require student participation. We discuss in detail student decision making and their selective route within those combat scenarios. Upon conclusion of my PTSD presentation, I conduct an informal Q&A session.

I present all my PTSD workshops from the heart. They are filled with emotion and create active audience participation to invoke an understanding that ‘PTSD’ is not a disease. It is a symptom of war and with proper treatment, counseling, understanding and love, PTSD can be controlled.

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” Jim Chancellor possesses the natural ability to inspire audiences. Through his words he encourages, challenges and awakens people to re-examine their old beliefs. Jim speaks with simplicity and from the heart. Audiences of all ages relate to his style and presentations. I know you will love him too.”

Dr.Heather Ann Harder, PhD
Crown Point, IN.

“Post Traumatic Stress effects not only the individual, but it effects every person involved with their lifestyle”.”Jim Chancellor helps the healing process of survivors and expands the awareness of others through his dynamic communication, knowledge and compassion”. “I have laughed, cried and been inspired with hope by his meaningful presentations”.

Professor Marcia A.Miller, M.A., M.S.N.

Coordinator of Psychiatric Nursing
Purdue University, North Central, Westville, IN.